Nancy Porter

Nancy Porter

Nutrition by Nancy was founded in 2011 by nutrition expert, Nancy Porter. Her unique product offerings allow Nancy’s team to meet a variety of client needs, from education to food and travel. Nancy is passionate about teaching the importance of nutrition and helping live (and eat) healthy, smart and economically.

Nancy’s love for cooking began at the very early age of three when she first baked cookies with her grandmother, a professional baker. She was mesmerized with the idea of mixing items together to create something as delicious as cookies. Unfortunately for Nancy’s grandmother, Nancy decided to bake a batch of her own cookies and her grandmother found an oven full of melted plastic Disney figurines. A lifetime of interest in foods, cooking and nutrition had begun.

Education & Experience:  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, a Master of Science degree in Home Economics, and over 16 years of teaching college nutrition, Nancy is clearly an expert in the nutrition field. In addition, Nancy has been employed by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., developing nutrition programs and teaching people of all ages how to cook efficiently and enjoy good nutrition. She has also been a personal chef and taught healthy cooking courses at fitness centers. Her mission is to help busy individuals have tasty, nutritious, and affordable meals through her wide variety of services.  To request Nancy for a speaking engagement, seminar, cooking lessons or food make-overs, contact Nancy at info@NutritionbyNancy.com

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