Cheat Sheet – College Eating

Another semester of teaching nutrition has started. As I walk by the college cafeteria, I can’t help but notice what people have on their trays. Here’s a handy guide sheet I developed to help those going away to school hopefully eat a little more healthy.  Anything you might add to it? Cheat Sheet – Freshman […]

Dorm Room Eating

Need Munchies

What to eat during late nights? Want something easy to fuel your brain and body? What if the dining hall’s closed or you have no money left on your dining card? You can always grab the easy things like cookies and snack mix. But, eventually that stuff can make you feel a little sick and […]

Avoiding the Freshman 15

Freshman 15

The answer?  Would you believe probably all of them? Research has found that students tend to gain weight during their first year of college. However, it’s usually much less than 15 pounds. A 2011 study showed freshmen weight gain was really only about 3 pounds during the first year. That same study also showed that most […]

The Skinny on Restaurant Menus – Salads


Have you ever gone into a restaurant and used the calorie information to help choose your meal? Nutrition by Nancy was at a small chain restaurant this week and saw many problems with the calorie counts. In fact, one salad was listed in 3 places on the menu, each with different calorie counts. And, the […]

Top 10 Tips for Eating Out Healthy

Over time, we’ll talk about the most healthy choices to make when eating out and when grocery shopping. Here are the Top 10 Eating Out Tips: 1. Avoid Buffets and all-you-can-eat events. The foods served here are not high quality and total calorie intake skyrockets. 2. Practice Mindful Eating. This suggests that we eat slowly and […]