Top 5 New Year’s Foods for Good Luck & Prosperity

blackeyed peas to go with Neely recipe

Do you have a food that’s part of your New Year’s tradition?  There are many traditional foods throughout the world. Here’s a list of our Top 5 Food Traditions. (Please comment if you have a food you think we missed that should be included in next year’s list.) Black-eyed Peas – This is a very […]

Why Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine Chocolates

What do you associate with Valentine’s Day – Candy?  Flowers?  Cards?  Or, on the negative side, is it just a “Hallmark” holiday and a way for businesses to make money? With that big February 14 date quickly coming up on the calendar, we’ve decided to put together our list of Valentine’s Fun Stuff. I like […]

Top 10 Obscure Valentine’s Day Facts

candy hearts 2

Valentine’s Day is often considered the day to celebrate love. However, studies of large groups of people indicate that depression and suicide hits harder in the month before and after Valentine’s Day than between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s a big focus on love, candy, chocolate, and flowers for the holiday. But, let’s take a look […]



According to www.dictionarycom, an Aphrodisiac is a drug, food, etc. that excites sexual desire. The word, Aphrodisiac, is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.  So, what are the foods that can be considered as aphrodisiacs? Skinks and Sparrows?  Aphrodisiac recipes have been a part of world cultures for centuries. In […]

Recipe: Aztec Chocolate Bark

Aztec chocolate pieces

Tired of the usual chocolate-peppermint bark? We love that holiday treat, but it becomes a little overwhelming with the sugar and the fact it’s now so commonly available. This year, we wanted something a little different for our holiday gift baskets. This recipe is super-easy!! The Aztecs and other Central/South American native tribes were reportedly […]

Trivia – Memorial Day


Memorial Day commonly signals the beginning of summer. But, it wasn’t always that way. We love to look at the roots of some of our holidays and customs. How much do you know about Memorial Day? When did Memorial Day begin?  Graves were decorated in the late 1860′s as a way to remember the soldiers […]

Why Chocolates, Cards and Love on Feb. 14?

chocolate heart

The history of St. Valentine dates back to the third century B.C.  It could have been one person or could have been more. The Catholic Encyclopedia reports on three different St. Valentines. However, they could have all been the same person . These men all lived in Italy. Reports have two men living in what […]