Doctors and the Secret to Weight Loss


Did you know that most doctors have less than 20 hours of nutrition education? Yet, people turn to their doctors for weight loss advice. Or, they’re one of the millions who tune into the Dr. Oz show and raptly listen to his recommendations. He does have some interesting guests with some good health and nutrition […]

The Kale Buyer’s Guide


Are you confused about kale? Which one is best for which purpose? Have you ever tried kale in your green smoothie, but still had little bits – making it a chunky smoothie? What kind of kale should be used for salads? How do you cook kale? First, let’s talk about what type of kale to […]

Hydration Top 10 (#5 is my favorite!)


Wow, it’s HOT!! With my Scandinavian heritage and growing up along the coast, the summer heat really bothers me. When my son was out on an errand last week, a guy approached and asked him to call 911. It turns out this person was in late stages of heat exhaustion and ended up having a […]

Recipe – California Pesto

California Pesto

Among the nutritional qualities of basil are that it’s a good source of many B vitamins, including Riboflavin, Niacin, B6 and Folate. It also contributes a good amount of the antioxidant vitamins E, beta carotene, and C. It’s also full of vitamin K and the minerals Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Copper and Manganese. Basil […]

Caffeine – The Good and the Bad


Caffeine is one of the top non-regulated drugs in the world.  Is caffeine OK? How much is too much? Limits?? For healthy adults with no medical issues, the generally established limit is 300 mg per day (National Institutes of Health). The amount of caffeine in foods and supplements is not required to be listed on […]



According to www.dictionarycom, an Aphrodisiac is a drug, food, etc. that excites sexual desire. The word, Aphrodisiac, is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.  So, what are the foods that can be considered as aphrodisiacs? Skinks and Sparrows?  Aphrodisiac recipes have been a part of world cultures for centuries. In […]

The Orange Guide

Oranges - Blood

The prime season for fresh oranges is during the winter months. Most of us know oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. But, did you know that fresh oranges are also good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin A and folic acid? Which is better – a glass of orange juice or a whole orange? […]

What? Problems with Kale?

green smoothie

Do you have a kale smoothie every day? Do you also make sure you eat as many greens as you can by eating kale salad, kale chips, and other kale-packed dishes every day? Have you heard recent information about the problems with kale? A recent New York Times article reported on a person who was […]

Top Tips for Weight Loss

squirrel diet

Is losing weight one of YOUR New Year’s resolutions? Do you think a diet means nibbling on leaves like this chipmunk?? So many diet programs are promoted, I wanted to give you some guidelines we discuss in my nutrition classes for evaluating weight loss programs. 1. Is the weight loss program sustainable over time? People […]