Does Chicken Soup Really Cure Colds?

chicken soup

Yes, at least it helps!! Research has actually been done on the subject. In a lab, researchers found that the amount of white blood cells present actually were reduced after eating chicken soup. (White blood cells are present in greater quantities when a person is sick than when they’re well.) There are several reasons why […]

Can Lack of Sleep Affect Obesity?

fast food

A new study has shown that people who’ve had less than 7 hours of sleep have actual changes in their brain activity. This lack of sleep caused them to be hungrier and crave more high-calorie foods. Yes, when we don’t get enough sleep, our body will need a few more calories to fuel itself in […]

The Effect of TV and Media on How We See Ourselves

TV Fiji

One of the greatest studies of the effect of media, especially TV, on how we view ourselves was done in Fiji in the late 1990′s. TV came to Fiji in 1995, so sociologists and psychologists saw this as an excellent place and time for an experiment about the effect of TV on eating disorders and […]

Could GMO’s Cause Stomach Problems?


We’re often asked why there are so many more cases today of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food sensitivities. Is it because doctors are more aware of these issues or is there something really changing in our bodies? Irritable bowel syndrome is often the diagnosis when doctors see symptoms but aren’t sure of the cause. Scientists […]