Super Bowl Sandwiches

BBQ Sandwich

Need to feed a crowd for Super Bowl Sunday?  This is one of our favorite, easy main dishes. Basically, just put chunks of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a crockpot/slow cooker, add barbecue sauce, and cook all day. Shred just before serving and let your guests spoon it into buns or just by itself onto […]

Peach Creme Mousse (or Peach Creme Brulee)

Creme brulee

Our fruit trees have been loaded with apricots and peaches this year. So, we’ve been on a quest to come up with some new recipes. Last year, I made fresh peach pies and cobbler. (Of course, we froze some to have through the winter.)  This year, I’re making more cobbler, a breakfast Dutch Pancake, and […]

Recipe – Creamy Coleslaw

Coleslaw-Rounded Corners

I needed a quick salad for a women’s bunco gathering that evening. What to take? Requirements:  Not a usual lettuce salad; Crunchy; Easy to prepare. Have you ever tried that shredded broccoli-cabbage slaw that’s packaged in the produce section? I decided that would be faster than shredding some cabbage and would be the main salad […]

Creamy Carrot-Ginger Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup

How do you eat your carrots? Have you ever had carrot soup? Carrots are jam-packed with nutrition! A 10-year study from the Netherlands examined the relationship between eating carrots (and other fruits and vegetables) and protection against heart disease (CVD). The deep orange/yellow vegetables and fruits were most protective against CVD. The more carrots people ate, […]

Recipe: Turkey-Vegetable Comfort Soup

Cell Phone Photos 1013 152

This soup is a wonderful way to get the nutrition of vegetables and turkey and is a little more satisfying than the usual broth-based turkey soups.  First, you’ll need to make the broth:  Take the stuffing out of your turkey and remove most of the meat. Break the carcass into smaller pieces and stuff into […]