Southwestern Potato Skins

potato skins with dip

Being gluten-free, potato skins are one of my favorite party foods. But, when they’re just topped with cheese, bacon and maybe some sour cream, that just seems too disgustingly fat-filled. And, some restaurants even deep-fry their skins. According to nutrition reports online, one order of potato skin at a restaurant like Chili’s will provide 1120 […]

Mini Turkey Quiches


My family has a long history of making Turkey Quiche, using stuffing for the crust. This year, I decided to make them in muffin cups. The result was little mini quiches. They’re amazingly easy and take items commonly on hand after a traditional turkey dinner. Mini Turkey Quiches Ingredients 1-1/2 cup stuffing 3/4 cup chopped, […]

Easy Mini-Frittatas


I used to go to a local coffee shop and have one or two of these with my coffee. Yummy, inexpensive and easy. They’re basically eggs, milk, and some leftover veggies, meat and/or cheese. These are great made ahead for quick breakfasts. Or, serve them for appetizers, lunch or dinner. Kids often like to make […]