Southwestern Potato Skins

potato skins with dip

Being gluten-free, potato skins are one of my favorite party foods. But, when they’re just topped with cheese, bacon and maybe some sour cream, that just seems too disgustingly fat-filled. And, some restaurants even deep-fry their skins. According to nutrition reports online, one order of potato skin at a restaurant like Chili’s will provide 1120 […]

Sweet Potato Scramble

Sweet Potato Scramble 4

We often make this dish for breakfast when we have company. In the past, we’ve usually used hash brown potatoes (with the onions and peppers added) or extra baked potatoes. One thought led to another. The result:  Sweet Potato Scramble. It was a success from the first time we made it!! And, it’s a wonderful […]

Recipe – Breakfast Mess


Do you camp in an RV or at a campsite with electricity? If so, do you use your slow cooker for meals? When camping, I want to relax. Although I love breakfast, it’s not my idea of fun to get up when it’s cold, start the camp stove, and gather everything to prepare a hot […]