Cranberry Sweet-Sour Sauce

cranberry sweet sour sauce

Looking for a quick and easy appetizer? This sauce is VERY versatile. We made the sauce, then stirred in some sliced sausages and heated it thoroughly for a recent party. You can also add mini meatballs. For dinner, you could saute a variety of root vegetables – sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, etc. then add a […]

Coffee Creamer – Purchased or DIY?

Milk jug

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in coffee creamer? Have you noticed the artificial flavorings in some? Many also contain “partially hydrogenated oils” or other oils that contain high amounts of saturated and trans-fats. Those powdered creamers are especially bad, with all the nasty, artery-clogging ingredients. As much as I like a little creamer […]

Recipe – Peach Salsa


I’m starting to see peaches, nectarines and apricot at the farmers markets. Have you bought peaches at your farmer’s market? Do you have a peach tree with a great crop this year? This salsa is really easy to prepare and always gets rave reviews. Just writing this makes my mouth water, thinking of it on […]

The Kale Buyer’s Guide


Are you confused about kale? Which one is best for which purpose? Have you ever tried kale in your green smoothie, but still had little bits – making it a chunky smoothie? What kind of kale should be used for salads? How do you cook kale? First, let’s talk about what type of kale to […]

Recipe – Caribbean Lime Chicken

Caribbean Lime Chicken

  What to make for dinner? We put together this Caribbean Chicken using some chicken breasts and a few ingredients we had on hand. Simple ingredients. Great taste. In fact, we loved this so much, we made it again a few nights later. Caribbean Chicken Ingredients 2 cups chopped boneless chicken breasts, 1 to 1-1/2 […]