Vitamin D – Is a Lot OK?


The key with vitamin and mineral intake is MODERATION. Just because it sounds good doesn’t mean that a lot is great. Studies about vitamin D are a great example. Years ago on Oprah, Dr. Oz, Oprah and others were telling viewers that most people didn’t get enough vitamin D and we should all be taking […]

Doctors and the Secret to Weight Loss


Did you know that most doctors have less than 20 hours of nutrition education? Yet, people turn to their doctors for weight loss advice. Or, they’re one of the millions who tune into the Dr. Oz show and raptly listen to his recommendations. He does have some interesting guests with some good health and nutrition […]

What? Problems with Kale?

green smoothie

Do you have a kale smoothie every day? Do you also make sure you eat as many greens as you can by eating kale salad, kale chips, and other kale-packed dishes every day? Have you heard recent information about the problems with kale? A recent New York Times article reported on a person who was […]