Super Bowl Dip Tips

Mixed Crudites with Dip

Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is the day for the 2nd largest amount of calories consumed in the year? Second only to Thanksgiving. And, unfortunately, this day of gluttony comes as many people are trying to lose weight after all their holiday feasting. Following are our Top 10 Tips for dealing with all those […]

No-Mess Marinades and Rubs

Rubbed Coriander

Just a few quick tips for applying marinades and rubs during this summer grilling season. Marinades Purpose: to add flavor AND to tenderize the meat, so there’s usually some acid (like fruit juice or vinegar) in the mix. Recipes:  You can either buy a commercial marinade, use a vinaigrette salad dressing, or make your own. We […]

Hydration Top 10 (#5 is my favorite!)


Wow, it’s HOT!! With my Scandinavian heritage and growing up along the coast, the summer heat really bothers me. When my son was out on an errand last week, a guy approached and asked him to call 911. It turns out this person was in late stages of heat exhaustion and ended up having a […]

Top Tips for Weight Loss

squirrel diet

Is losing weight one of YOUR New Year’s resolutions? Do you think a diet means nibbling on leaves like this chipmunk?? So many diet programs are promoted, I wanted to give you some guidelines we discuss in my nutrition classes for evaluating weight loss programs. 1. Is the weight loss program sustainable over time? People […]