Turkey Talk

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Thanksgiving should be that – a day of Giving Thanks. But, when I ask my students what traditions they think of with Thanksgiving, the foods are a major part of the holiday. Having turkey is one of their top traditions (along with stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, and pie). What’s the main thing you like about Thanksgiving? […]

Mini Turkey Quiches


My family has a long history of making Turkey Quiche, using stuffing for the crust. This year, I decided to make them in muffin cups. The result was little mini quiches. They’re amazingly easy and take items commonly on hand after a traditional turkey dinner. Mini Turkey Quiches Ingredients 1-1/2 cup stuffing 3/4 cup chopped, […]

Recipe: Turkey-Vegetable Comfort Soup

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This soup is a wonderful way to get the nutrition of vegetables and turkey and is a little more satisfying than the usual broth-based turkey soups.  First, you’ll need to make the broth:  Take the stuffing out of your turkey and remove most of the meat. Break the carcass into smaller pieces and stuff into […]